The Australian Skateboarding Federation (ASF) is the only national representative body dedicated solely to skateboarding. The ASF has been built on passion by skateboarders with key support by experienced sport and business administrators. The long term objective of the ASF is to grow participation, oversee organised competitive skateboarding, and to provide pathways of development from grass roots to elite in all disciplines.

The ASF activity footprint covers the nation with competitions, coaching programs, youth activities and national rankings in the key disciplines of skateboarding . The ASF has a dedicated focus on skateboarding by skateboarders.

Modus Operandi

Sole Focus on Skateboarding.

Having a sole focus on skateboarding and all of its disciplines.


Creating partnerships within the skateboard industry and beyond to create a sustainable model of existence beyond government sporting grants.

Empowering Others

Facilitating, supporting and empowering other entities to deliver skateboard events and programs. The facilitating of insurance for those providers through an Australian Skateboard Federation group insurance policy.

Female Skateboarding

Having a focus on female skateboarding. Inclusive of all genders.

Participation Growth

Having clear strategies for growth of participation based on organised grass roots programs across the country.

Contest Pathways

Having a clear and cohesive contest pathway that leads from grass roots, all the way to the highest level of international professional skateboarding in all disciplines.

Talent Identification & Development

Overseeing a specific talent identification and elite development program.

Influenced by Skateboarders.

Having a model of organization that gives a voice to the participants.