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How to Apply

Applying to become an ASF accredited instructor consists of four main processes. If you’re an experienced skateboarding instructor some of which you may have already done, otherwise the processes are quite simple. If at any point you’re experiencing any issues, you can always contact us and we can do our best to help you through the process.

1. Working With
Children Check

In order to work with children in Australia the government requires that you complete a Working With Children check. These checks are in place to ensure that anybody who works with or around children is a safe and respectable person.

Unfortunately each state is has their own process, and some have better processes than others. Generally they require 100 points of identification (such as Driver’s Licence and Medicare card), they cost around $75 and they will perform a criminal background check.

To Apply, click on the link that relates to your state

QLD | NSW | VIC | TAS | SA | WA | NT | ACT

2. Get an ABN

As a skateboarding instructor much of your work is likely to be done as your own business or as an external contractor. If you’re doing this work you will likely need to get your own Australian Business Number (ABN). If you don’t need ASF to provide you with insurance coverage this is not essential for becoming an ASF member, but it will help you get up and running faster.

Applying for an ABN is easy, simply click the link below to go to the Australian Government Business Registrar Site.

Apply Now


3. Community Coaching
General Principles

The Community Coaching General Principles online course has been developed to assist sports coaches to learn the basic skills of coaching, particularly those people working with children. The course is purely online and is currently free of charge to Australian residents.

Complete Here

4. ASF

ASF registration gives you access to a suite of benefits (read about them here). Before you complete your registration you need to answer one important question…

I Need

If you want to run your own instruction events and even have your own staff, at ASF we have negotiated the a large National Group Insurance Policy that can provide you with the best priced coverage in Australia.

  I Don’t Need

If you will be working for an ASF accredited partner they may cover your insurance requirements. However it will likely only cover you if you’re working directly for them. If you are teaching your own classes or running your own events you will probably still need to get your insurance through us.

If you would like to investigate this in more detail you can contact one of our affiliated Skateboard Schools.

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