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Becoming an ASF certified skateboarding instructor is a great way to start your skateboarding career. In an underground sport like skateboarding it can be difficult to know where to start and how to do it legally and safely. At ASF it’s our number one goal to break down those barriers to help you build a career for yourself, and help build skateboarding in the process.

As an ASF certified you will be an active participant in growing participation in the world’s greatest sport, Skateboarding.


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Probably the most difficult part of becoming a skateboard instructor is making sure both you and the people you’re teaching are covered for accident or injury. At ASF we can provide you with Australia’s most affordable insurance coverage to make sure you’re operating within the law and neither you or your participants are at risk.

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Another challenge in being an instructor is ensuring managing your paperwork, in particular managing your legal and insurance requirements. Whether it’s waiver forms, risk assessments or just basic event reports, even finding out what you need to do is tedious and difficult, let alone actually doing it all.

At ASF all accredited instructors receive access to our mobile management studio that can handle and store all of this documentation digitally through your smartphone. This makes running and managing your events simple and efficient.

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Manuals &

Written by one of Australia’s most experience professional skateboarders, Renton Millar, ASF provides an Online Learning Platform to help you learn and develop as an instructor.

We provide information on skateboarding instruction but also on contest development and management. As possibly Australia’s experienced contest skateboarder ever, Renton’s experience and expertise can help you further learn and develop as an instructor.


We’ve negotiated preferential deals with some important providers to help you get up and running affordably.

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We’re Still

At ASF we are constantly developing more tools to support our members. We have 100% commitment to growing Skateboarding in Australiasia and developing more grassroots skateboarding instructors is one of the most important things we’re doing to help support that end.

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